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Welcome to Accessory Software! Currently 15 Apps for Windows, and 9 for Macintosh,  are available to Download for 30 Day Free Trial, plus Fourteen other programs are completely Free! A Multimedia Viewer/Player/Editor, Digital Photograph Viewer/Editor, File Organizer and Disk Management Utility, Web Site/EMail Surfing/Organizing Utility, Database File Copy, Conversion Utility, and Photo/Multimedia Organizer are among your choices. All programs are easy to use and have Internet capabilities. Download and try any or all of these programs.






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 Display File Viewer Download Page   File Viewer  9.5 - File Management/Viewer

Update !

File Viewer is a Disk Management Utility in combination with a viewer. Search your Computer for Pictures, Sounds, Music, Documents, Database, Spread Sheets, and Audio-Video Files. You can View, Print, or Send and Receive Files over the internet using E-Mail. A large number of Files can be organized in a database over a Local Network for quick access. Picture Editing with Copy / Paste. Copy files to another computer, disk, or external media. Batch Copy, Rename, Delete, Move, and Zip File Creation.  

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Introducing File Viewer Express for Windows , and  Macintosh

Share Photos, Text and Multimedia on Network, running File Viewer Express 2.5 or later !



Display Net Viewer Download Page   Net Viewer 10 - Internet Browser and Bookmark/E-Mail Management

Net Viewer is an Internet Utility Program that saves your Web Site Addresses and E-Mail in a highly organized, secure Database. Thousands of Web Sites can be collected using the automatic save while browsing, and easily retrieved with Search and Database Query Functions. Favorites and Bookmarks can be imported to the database by Drag and Drop into the program. Any number of lists can be made for fast viewing of Web Sites, and run on a timer. E-Mail can be saved while browsing. Use any number of Browser Windows to browse and collect URLs.

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Share all Urls and Favorites on Network running Net Viewer and Net Viewer Lite Macintosh Version !



  A Personal Finance Manager 4.3 - Track Income, Expenses, and Investments

New App ! 

A Personal Finance Manager gives you the ability to track all your Income (taxable and non taxable), expenses, loans, and investments. Complete with Inquiries and Reports. Track Bank Accounts and Credit Cards. Separate Secure Access Database for each User. Get current stock quotes over the internet, while keeping all Data in a password secure MS Access Database. View Investment Totals and Account Totals in real time.


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 Photo Snap 8.1 - Digital Photo Editor/Viewer/Organizer

Update ! 

Photo Snap is a Digital Photo Viewer/Editor with Search, Print, Organize, and E-Mail Functions. Play Multimedia Files and Organize with multiple Play Lists. Great Slide Show and Batch Copy, Move, Rename, and Image Conversion Utilities. Create Snap Shots from Videos, Play Videos, and convert Picture Formats. Support for Google Photos, Yahoo flickr, DropBox and EMail.

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 New version for Windows 32 & 64 , and  Macintosh !

Share Photo Albums and Photos on Network !



 Display Photo Show Pro Download Page   Photo Show Pro 2.4 - Slide Show and Photo Sharing


New App !

Photo Show Pro is an extension of Photo Show producing Slide Shows using 3D objects. Save as many slide shows as you like with many photos and music files. Share photos over your LAN or WiFi with computers and devices running Photo Show, Photo Snap 6.8 or later and File Viewer Express 2.2 or later. Share photos with Google Plus, and Yahoo flickr !  Send and receive Photos using your EMail accounts and add to slide shows.

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   Versions for Windows and Macintosh !


Display Description of Equation Calculator Pro   Equation Calculator Pro 1.0 - Equation Calculator Pro

New App !

The Equation Calculator Pro lets you calculate a result for many equations and tables of data. Equations, Information and Data is stored in a Database. Print and graphic capabilities, and LAN support.



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  Encrypt Files 1.1 - File Encryption, Memo Encryption, File Sharing

Encrypt Files for Windows ! Version for Macintosh too!

New App ! 

Encrypt Files is File Encryption App with easy File Locating, Viewing, and Sharing Functions. Six Encryption Methods. are available with History Tracking preserving decryption capabilities. Send Encrypted Files with keys in a zip file that can only be decrypted by this app. Share encrypted files over the Local Area Network and Cloud Storage.

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Version for both Windows and Macintosh !


  Accessory Media Editor 1.6 - Video Editing, Video Convert, Slide Show Creation, Video Capture

New App ! 

Accessory Media Editor is a quick editor for MPG, MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV, WMA, MP3, and WAV Files. Over 70 Video and Audio Filters can be applied to your Video Files. Convert between AVI, MPG, MP4, and FLV Files. Cut and Join Videos, Merge Video and Music Files. Create MPG, MP4, FLV or AVI slide shows from your Photos. Video Capture, Screen Capture, Camera and Microphone Capture! Add text and Images to overlay Videos. Share videos on the LAN.


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Version for both Windows and Macintosh !



Display Description of Fat Chat   Fat Chat 2.4 - LAN Messanger and File Sharing App


Fat Chat is a Local Area Network Chat / Messenger App with extensive File Sharing abilities. Send and Receive Messages, pictures, and files to others over the Local Area Network. Built in Photo Viewer, multimedia player, Favorites, and History. Share Photos, Video, Database, Document, and other files between Android, iOS, Windows, and OSX.

Support for Cloud Storage: Box, DropBox,Google Drive, and One Drive.

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Share all Files between All Devices running Fat Chat 2 ! Macintosh Version !




Display The Picture Organizer Download Page   The Picture Organizer 8 - Multimedia Organizer/Viewer

Update !

The Picture Organizer allows you to create numerous Photo Albums to organize your pictures, and Photo Packages that can be easily sent and received over the internet. You can find, display, edit, print, and send multiple pictures. Create Picture Packages that can be condensed into a Zip File and sent to multiple E-Mail Addresses or exchanged by RW/R CD Rom, Zip, and DVD's. Organize Multimedia Files!

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Version for both Windows and Macintosh !



Display The Database File Copier Download Page    Data Copy 8 - The Database Copier - Database File Utility

Update !

The Database File Copier allows you to copy Database Records using all or selected fields between DBase, DataSnap, SQLite,  Access,  Excel, Firebird, and Interbase Files. You can create DataSnap, SQLite, Firebird. Interbase, and Excel Files, and exchange data with these Database File Types. Database Utilities  as Find, Browse, Copy, Design, Edit, Save, Delete, Print, and Email are available. Now with a New Faster Interface, and File Sharing !   

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Data Quik 6.9 for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7


Display Picture Viewer Max Download Page   Picture Viewer Max  7.9 - Picture Viewer/Editor/Slide Show


Picture Viewer Max is a Picture/Image Viewer/Editor that easily locates Picture and Multimedia files of major File Types. You can Display, Edit, Print, Organize, and Send Files. Sections of Pictures can be cut and pasted onto other pictures, plus you can add Text and Shapes to your pictures creating Greeting Cards that can be printed or sent over the Internet using E-Mail. Create HTML Pages. Batch Rename, Copy, and Conversion. Great Slide Show! Create great Logos! Capture Video Frames, and convert between major Audio/Video Files.

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Display Description of New PDF   New PDF 1.3 - Word Processor and File Sharing App

New App !

New PDF is a Word Processor and PDF Creator with extensive File Sharing abilities. You can create and edit PDF, RTF, RTE, HTM, and HTML Files. Support for Google Photos, Yahoo flickr, and Drop Box. Photos and Images can be edited and inserted into PDF Documents. Access and Excel Tables can be inserted into Documents. Documents, Photos, Spread Sheets, and Text Files can be organized by groups for each section. Sharing capabilities include EMail, FTP, and LAN support.



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Display Description of InfoMan   InfoMan 4.3 - A Personal Information Manager

Update !

InfoMan is a Personal Information Manager with Contact Information, Scheduling, Notes, and EMail. InfoMan is similar to the iOS and Android version. InfoMan for Windows will allow transfer of Contact, Schedule, and Notes Information with Photos, back and forth between Android mobile devices running Info Manager, Apple devices running InfoMan and InfoMan for Windows. Locate Contacts with Google Maps!

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                     Free !!!     Version for Windows and Macintosh !

Share Contact, Schedule and Notes Information between All Devices running InfoMan or InfoManager !



Display Description of Net Viewer Lite   Net Viewer Lite 7 - Web Browser Plus

Free !!!

Net Viewer Lite is an Web Browser allowing you to Browse more than one Web Site at a time using Tabs. All your Internet Explorer Favorites are automatically accessible with Net Viewer Lite. Create Favorite Lists, assign Web Sites to Toolbar Buttons, and run Web Pages on the list displaying for a preset time. Share Bookmarks and Lists with other PCs running Net Viewer Lite on your Local Area Network.

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Introducing Net Viewer Lite for Macintosh ! Share Windows Favorites.



Display Description of Share Stuff   Share Stuff 3.0 - Photo Sharing, Video Uploading, and Event Announcements

Share Stuff connects you to Google Photos, Yahoo flickr, You Tube, and Google Calendar, allowing you to easily share Photos, Photo Albums, Videos, and Calendar Events on the internet. Share Stuff provides you with a fast and easy interface to transfer Photos, Photo Albums with descriptions from Photo Snap 6.9 or File Viewer Express 2.3 to Google Photos, Yahoo flickr, and Facebook. Support for Google Contacts and Live Contacts !

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Version for both Windows and Macintosh !


Click here to view the Accessory Media Viewer Web Page!  Accessory Media Viewer 4.1 - Multimedia Player/Viewer/Browser

Accessory Media Viewer is an all purpose Viewer that allows you to Find, View, Edit. and Print Picture and Image Files, plus Find, Play, and Edit Multimedia Files. Create AVI Files and Animated TIFFs from pictures, and surf the Internet. Easy to learn and use Interface. Displays Text, Documents, and HTML Files. Organize Files with Favorite Lists, and separate Play Lists for Videos and Music.

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Download Free Personal Information Manager !

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All Programs compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. Net Viewer and Accessory Media Viewer will also run on Windows 95, 98 or Me. The Address Book will run on Windows 3x and later.