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All programs have a 30 day Free Trial. Download any or all programs, and try for 30 days. After this time, a $9.95 Registration Fee is required to reactivate the Media Viewer, Net Viewer, Picture Organizer, or Data Quik, a $19.95 Registration Fee for Picture Viewer Max, and $19.95 for File Viewer. If you haven't tried the program, please download the program before purchasing. All programs can be downloaded from the Accessory Software Home Page, or the bottom of the page describing the program. When ordering a program, be sure to include the Registration Number that appears on the Program Registration Reminder Window when ending the program. All passwords are unique and match a specific Registration Number. Also, include your correct E-Mail Address, so a password to reactivate the program can be sent to you. Since you have 30 days to try the program before purchasing, there are no Refunds. Multiple program purchases by an individual or company discounts are open to negotiation.




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