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Display the Database File Copier Download Page Data Copy 7 - The Database File Copier Extension

Data Copy is a multipurpose Database Copy Utility. The Database File Copier will Copy data from selected  fields and records between DataSnap, DBExpress, Access, and Excel Files. There are Database File Utilities such as Create, Design, Browse, Delete, Copy, Save and Send over the Internet.





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Copy Records from one Database Table to another selecting and mapping fields.

Supports DataSnap, DBExpress, Access, and Excel Files.

Automatic or Manual Field Mappings between Tables.

Quick and Easy Database File Browsing before and after Copy.

Create HTML, Text, or Excel File from any table Viewed.

Save Database Files with a new name and/or folder location.

Send and Receive Database Files over the Internet by E-Mail.

Create, Edit, Browse, Query, Find, and Print functions for Database files supported with this software.

Additional features as Copy File Formats between DataSnap, DBExpress, Access, and Excel Files with Table Data.

Delete Database Files, Tables and Indexes to the Recycle Bin.

Find Document, Database, and Spread Sheet Files using the OpenDialog Window..



Design, Create or Change DataSnap, DBExpress, and Excel Tables.

Convert between DataSnap, DBExpress, Access, Excel and Text Files.

Print Database Table Data.



Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Complete Help Text.

Set Windows Styles.

 Download the Database File Copier Now! (Using HTTP Link)                                                               Download the Database File Copier Now!                   








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